Tuesday, February 5, 2013


try to write a bit in Korean..

당신을 정말 좋아해요
1년 후 여자친구를 있겠습니까?
제발 기회를 좀주세요
내가 당신을 돌봐 싶어요..
당신을 알고 할 수있는 기회를 줘

Bali Trip♥.

it was a fun trip
i thought it will be boring since I am to shy to talk with them
yeah, it has been 4 years but still
I am not so close with them
seems that there was a barrier between me and them
perhaps they are too close to each other
and i am scare to be together with them

well, it was fun indeed..
i am getting to their topic gradually
and try to joke around with them
hehe..they discovered the real me
thank you all for taking care of me during these days
love you all
will not forget all of you ♥.

Bali is really beautiful
the view and scenery is really beautiful
want to get back here with the love one someday.
and indeed, i love travelling so much


here come my wish for 2013

1. hope that FT will come again and get the chance to go for the fan meeting!
2. mei mei can grow up healthily and pass spm with flying colours
3. i want to learn piano and violin
4. earn more money, i want to go for travelling and buy many things!
5. good luck during internship
6. get the chance to continue master in oversea
7. get a better offer~
8. family members all are happy, healthy
9. learn japanese, Korean, TOPIK test, cooking..
10. still the same, secret..havent get it to come true in difficult indeed

hehe..good luck to all of you too^^

2012 conclusion

hehe, it been really late to write this..
today is 7.2.2013 already~
have been one year didnt update the post..hehe

what I have done in 2012?
yeah, it was began with the lucky selection to FT's fan meeting..
get to view closer and talk to them..keke..
so shy to talk with him
but he can listen what i told him? >.<
then we get to go for their concert
it's great to watch their performance
never been regretted to spend the money..

then get to go for 2am's concert too during the end of year
it was really comfortable
i like the atmosphere there with their lovely song
really lucky to get two free tickets from 988~
although cant get to high-5 with them =(

yeah, and travelling to taiwan,was great!
get a lot of gathering with ai xin and her family

a cute girl..
taiwan is really fun !
coz we can get a lot of things there~hehe..happy shopping
want to visit taiwan again after this..keke..

and this 2012 year, get to learn korean and japanese,interesting..know a lot of vocabularies~
yeah, this is the purpose i want to learn it

to know S better..and I know S is learning mandarin too
i still want to learn it..but next sem going for internship

ahh..cant like this..i really want to learn it..

lots of things happened in 2012
these times were all together with my lovely sis~

thanks for besides me during every time 
sorry, i know sometimes i am not understand you
but i will love you more than i love anybody else
take care yourself coz i cant beside you every time~
i promised to love you..
to take care of you..
will understand you this year more than 2012
all the best to your spm

dont give up
i know you can do it well 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


so fast~!♥
2011 past and now here comes 2012..
sad things happened before 2012
my father side grandmum passed away..
she cant even live till 2012..only a few days to 2012
anyway,grandmum,rest in peace~

as a conclusion for 2011
i fell quite satisfied for that♥
hehe..i remembered first time sing at radio station to get 2am showcase ticket
erm..first time enjoying 2am show
get special present from sister♥
get 1st prize for 2am limited edition gift

get to see my dear dongdong~haha
worked at tongle and know some new friends and students^^
went to beijing,china~the most memorable part of 2011
went for libra star cruise
start to love ft island like crazy>.< hehe..
got some simple result ,still not satisfied with that
and meimei..sad too~that was her unluckiest thing in 2011

and for 2012!
a brand new year
so here come my wishlist
1. get to go for ft island fan meeting with sister!!

2. meimei will happy and get luck this year~♥

3. i want to learn violin desperately!!

4. learn back piano and get the chance to perform

5.learn korean language,hehe^^

6. earn more and more money$so i can buy more things

7. get A for all my subjects..hehe^^

8. family member and friends stay healthy

9. travelling again!^^

10.secret ..hehe♥

hope all my dreams will come true this year~
i will work very hard for it~
everybody..let hwaiting together..!♥

1st day of 2012

funeral for grandmum
rest in peace..

Friday, November 18, 2011

back from beijing ald~
miss the life in the trip so much~!
just need to walk,see new things,eat,shopping and sleep
what a simple yet interesting life..

next destination
going to penang and take star cruise during december!!
and mum plan to go taiwan next year!~
looking forward for it..
will update the beijing trip soon^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

looking forward for the beijing trip..
youhu..!!!although it ll be in november..
but really getting nearer and nearer..haha..

perhaps this year november going penang with cruise ship too!
yaa..hopefully can get it..
really love to travel here and there..
hope dream ll come true^^

coursemates planning to go phuket & bangkok after internship
hopefully ll do too~hehe..cant wait for those trip..
jia you dreamoong!!^^

my study life

school reopen again..
and the first two weeks are quite free
yeah~getting towards what i want this sem, hehe^^
i ll work hard and smart for it..
hope that i can do that

this is 3rd year ald
wow,really cant believe it
by heart, i have only a bit interest in this course
nvm,i ll work for it..and get what i want next time
huh,quite hard this sem
have to develop a new product
hope to introduce yoghurt..but fail..>.<
ish..what idea..for me..just simple..ahs..
management courses are hard too..
i really hope to get a very very good result..>.<

going to stay alone this sem
no roomate..missing mei yean..haha^^
lisa and mei yean get uo kolej
perhaps 4th year can try to apply week lab starting..busy life start again
nvm,i ll adapt to it..
now the most important thing to do is ...
teach and force sis until she getting ready for her pmr!!

school reopen~ 12/9/2011
after a long long holiday